It's All In A Days Work

The Beginning

Growing up in a small town and loving horses, I wanted a way to show them off. I designed my own site as basic as it was at a young age of 10. It was my ticket to the world. From there I moved on developing sites and showing horses while attending school. During my high school years I developed a little design company that would support my horses. I went from showing Arabians to rescuing them along with any other horse that came my way. I needed a site where I could interact with others for information and knowledge. Searching the web there were so many sites out there, yet not one of them could offer me what I needed so came the  concept of HORSES ONLINE.  From 1999 until just recently I kept a data base on everyone and everything. You could come to Horses Online and list your site on one of our 30 pages. You could join the forum and interact, or you could listen to the once a week broadcast I  held with interviews from prominent community horse lovers. Perhaps it was Vet Day, or Trainer Tips, Farrier Notes, or a Do's and Don't for summer or winter. What ever I could come up with I did. The site grew and I enjoyed putting my 100% into it.



Here I am all grown up, off in college, without the same amount of time that I give in my younger years. I needed to revamp my site. To update it and bring it ahead into a new age of technology. Everyone knows about my space we all ventured into that just to hang with the gang. With my high school days gone and my horses forever needing attention I want to hang with horse people not the kids on the block any more. So, here we are a my space that will be you space hopefully. I have implemented a program that will work the same as my space, it will be just as simple, just as effective. What ever you can do there you will be able to do here, but the good part is you won't have to search millions of records to find what you are looking for. You won't have to be bombarded with the wrong questions. You will know exactly where to go and who to look for because we will all be horse lovers.



I live in Michigan, but travel extensively, mostly for my passion of horses. I love showing my Arabians, but I also love trail riding. I was Captain of my High School Equestrian Team, I started a rescue center right here in Michigan that has placed over 900 horses into adoption homes since 2000.  I have incorporated Horses Online into a full scale business for the pure enjoyment of horses. As everything offered is FREE we are a non profit company. Our support team, our developers, our software providers, and everyone else associated with Horses Online are doing so as volunteers. No one is earning a wage from this site, but there are cost incurred through hosting, space provided and so forth.  If you like this site and would like to donate to help keep it FREE you can do so by clicking the donation button below. Any money that is taken in that is not spent to keep this site free will be turned over to the Hugs2Horses Rescue Center in Fowlerville Michigan and used for saving, rehabilitating, and placing horses in adoption homes.



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